Are we kindred spirits?

I find myself being less anxious to like people as I get older. I used to feel that it was my responsibility to find something to like about everyone I came in contact with.

I will say that I have never gotten to know someone better and liked them less, which means that everyone is truly amazing and I just need to be able to invest the time and energy into getting to know them well enough to love them.

More on that concept here.

In any case, I have high hopes for my online friends.

So things you should know about me, because of course, the more you know the more you’ll love me.

I read compulsively. Which, yes, is really the most appropriate word for it. I have extremely eclectic tastes. I would never reject a book because of genre. If a friend of mine likes a book I’ll usually read it. I have issues with leaving books unfinished. The only time I’ll abandon a read is because of explicit content, I don’t have any patience for that.

My parents used to punish me by taking away reading privileges. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending the entire day reading Emily of New Moon stretched out on the trampoline trying to get my glow-in-the-dark skin to brown up slightly. (it never worked)

By the same token I couldn’t choose a favorite book to save my life. Maybe I could choose a favorite book for each genre and decade… Sounds like a fun project for another day.

Top 5 favorite TV shows, in no particular order. Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, Merlin, Frasier, and Psych. I love witty banter and colorful side characters and I know this is reflected in my writing. My side characters are always my favorite. I hate the maxim ‘kill your darlings,’ because I know that means to cut out a few of my favorite side characters.

I exercise to cope with stress and anxiety. I run half marathons and have a relatively rigorous home strength training routine. I love to talk about and analyze this stuff with anyone who has an inkling of interest.

I love and adore food of all kinds. I love trying new things. I like to cook and bake so much that I used to run a little food blog when I was first married. Over the years and a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that a plant-based diet is the best thing for me. I eat mostly plant-based during the week and have a cheat day on Saturday. I’ve also realized over the years that different people respond to different types of diets differently (shocking, I know) I feel no sense of proselytism about plant-based eating, so have no fear.

I am a woman of faith in Jesus Christ and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This informs a lot of my world view but mostly just makes me want to be a good person.

My husband and I play complicated board games that most people have never heard of. I’ve played enough of them to know that there are a million more out there that I’ve never heard of. I’m always excited to give and receive game recommendations. Our favorite right now is called Wingspan.

I attempt to grow a vegetable garden every year. I love it but I am terrible at it. Every time I start to figure things out we up and move to a new state, and I have to start with no knowledge again, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

From my experience, holidays are what make life shiny and fun. My family has elaborate traditions for every major holiday, and my kids think that Harry Potter Day is something that everyone celebrates in October after their mothers have finished making their Halloween costumes.

Things people like about me: I have a big, infectious laugh that bubbles up often. I want to feed you and play board games with you. I care a whole lot about becoming a better person. I’m low drama, very easy-going. I’m up for anything, I love to try new things and am not scared of much.

Things people don’t like about me: I have a hard time answering my phone and returning phone calls. I talk too much. I worry too much about whether I’ve offended people. I am a bit forgetful at times. My children hate that I tease them so much 🙂

Well, there I am. Mostly. I hope we can be friends!

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