I am excited to reveal the cover for my next book: Guilt is Midnight Blue.

Hazel Dean has an ability to see other’s emotions in color. She mostly uses it to help people find the perfect book in her shop, Books and Chocolate. When one of her customers turns up dead, others blame an old feud, but she can tell that the accused is innocent. Hazel risks conflict with her husband, the DA and her father figure, the police captain, to find out what really happened. Hazel drives, hikes and talks all over her small Appalachian town in an attempt to bring peace to the victim’s family and prevent her community from being torn apart by old grudges.

We’re looking at a release date sometime in May. I’m waiting for beta reader feedback right now and then I’ll have one more chance to change anything before it is published. So stressful, but so exciting! I can’t wait.

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