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My Mom is Here!

My mom is visiting this week and I couldn’t be happier. She and I live about 2100 miles apart and her visits are rare but so treasured for our whole family. We share a love of food and history and gardening. She’s going to help me with a few garden projects while she’s here. We went out for ice cream this afternoon with the kids and between the great weather, delicious ice cream (Brusters) and good company it was just about perfect.

I try and hold on to the memory of these moments. Sometimes life doesn’t seem as shiny and full of everyday joy as it does today. I know that if I lived next door to my mom I probably wouldn’t enjoy her company nearly as much. It’s the scarcity, the fleeting nature of things that makes them so valuable and enjoyable.

I think of that every year when the cherry blossoms in my front yard bloom. They’re still a few weeks away this year, but here’s a photo from last year. They are so beautiful, they smell amazing, and they last about a week. Every year when their petals rain down and cover the ground I wonder if I would love them as much if they lasted any longer. I don’t think I would.

Have you noticed this is your life? What’s something you’ve noticed is more beautiful because it is precious and fleeting?